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New Work

Summer has arrived and with it my annual blue/blah mood – creatively speaking only, the rest of me is fine.  For some reason, my creative muse takes a vacation in the summer months.  After a pretty miserable, boring and listless week, something hit me yesterday morning, I wish I knew WHAT!  I worked ALL DAY (like nine hours straight and felt GREAT about it!).

I finished TWO WORKS yesterday – REALLY finished, as in: signed, sleeved, labeled, photographed. I also prepared my Studio Art Quilt Associates 2010 Auction quilt for send-off (this is our annual fund raiser, great art for sale, this year it starts on September 20, visit for details.  The title is MARKERS, from my Genome series using all contemporary hand-dyed batik African fabrics.  It measures 12″ x 12″ not including the hanging threads.

The next photo is a detail of a work which has brought me much enjoyment in the making.  I have several works in various stages of completion in my Genome Series, three of which are earmarked for Quilt National submission, which means they won’t be published here before the jurying results are published (if my works are not chosen) or, more happily (if my work IS chosen), until the opening of the exhibit and the publication of the QN catalog.  Here is a close-up, the title will remain a mystery as well…..

The second work I finished yesterday, after a long haul – I thought I had completely ruined it by adding some paint which turned out to be ENTIRELY the wrong color choice.  I gritted my teeth and did something very risky and courageous for me, I added MORE paint – all over actually and more in strategic locations – a gorgeous glowing gold Lumiere color.  Turns out this is JUST what was needed to revive a quilt that I thought might be destined for the waste heap!  This is also part of my Genome Series, entitled ROOTS, it measures 23″ wide by 33″ high, and YES! I am finding those hanging threads a very seductive design idea lately….

And a detail view…

I’ve been trying to add more complexity to my work and it seems that most times I get near anything wet I end up making mud.  But this time I was able to rescue a mistake and it turned into a very happy accident.  This quilt makes me happy to see, it needs to be hung in my dining room for a while.

It is SO GOOD TO BE BUSY and I am SO BLESSED to be able to do this work day in and day out…hopng my creative muse stays in residence for a while, I am working on a commission piece and have several more QN works to start and finish!

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  1. Sue Dennis says

    Good to see you working Debbie. I’m also on QN entries, a slow process.

  2. Susan Sarfati says

    Hi Debbie: I am sitting here in awe after looking at your beautiful creations. We have been cousins for years and I never knew this side of you. Of course, we only see each other every 10 years – is that about right? Wonderful seeing you last weekend although the purpose wasn’t what I would have wanted. Let’s stay in touch and you can check out my web site – much more corporate oriented! Best regards, Susan

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