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Child’s Play

I keep learning this lesson over and over again….when I allow myself to engage in child’s play, my creative experience is almost assuredly successful and satisfying.  Several years ago I collected packages of adhesive foam sheets with an eye to make my own stamps for inking and painting my art quilts.  YEARS!  While working on pushing my third Quilt National candidate to the next level, I decided that painted and inked stamps would be the ticket.  Without another thought I pulled the foam sheets from my art stash and began drawing and cutting;  tests with paint and ink results in exactly the effect I was looking for.  AMAZING!

It seemed so EASY!  Then what keeps me from staying in this mode 24/7?  (I’d even settle for 8/3!)  Well, for starters, sixty-some years of emotional baggage.   That elusive ‘smoke gets in your eyes’ syndrome.  Anxiety.  Fear.  Years (okay, DECADES) of learned habits that are not user-friendly to an artist who craves spontaneity and creative overflow.   I’ve decided that one thing that may help is a sign in my studio to remind me of what I need to do:

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  1. Diane Wright says

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Play is a beautiful thing.

  2. Patty Powers says

    Debbie, I loved reading your blog. I find your work very interesting, and am looking forward to seeing more of your Genome series. In my other life, I’m a pediatric endocrinologist, and find science to be endlessly inspiring for my fiber work (although most of my current things focus on other subjects!). I had just bought a package of adhesive foam sheets the other day: your stamps are wonderful.

  3. Judith Anderson says

    This is a great reminder to remember to play! Stop all that think, think, thinking and start all that do, do ,Doing!

  4. Ellen Anne Eddy says

    Always found this true for teaching as well as learning. Your best learning is when you’re five years old. All of that curiosity and none of the crippling fear. Of course the good news is that you can always be that age. It’s a state of mind.

  5. Shelvy Miller says

    Now I know what I’m suppose to be doing…been doing it all wrong!!!LOL

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