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Self-Fulfillment – new works

For most of this year (2010) I’ve been playing out  my fascination with the scientific mapping of the human genome on my rather large collection of contemporary African hand-dyed batik jacquard-woven cotton fabrics (that’s a mouth full, but that is what they are).  So far I count seven finished works which have given me untold hours  and months of enjoyment and fulfillment.  Whenever I am on the down swing and ask myself ,’WHY DO I DO THIS?’ –  the answer is, invariably, because I MUST, this is WHAT I do.  Entirely about self-fulfillment.  So here is the first phase of my very own GENOME PROJECT……click on each photo for a close-up view.  All works are available for purchase, please contact me directly for pricing, email

I think my favorite piece is this one, entitled ALLELE.  An allele is a ‘variation on a chromosome.’  It is richly and densely embroidered by hand and by machine.  It measures 45″ H x 30″ W.

This rather lively and fun piece is entitled SOME ‘SOMES.  It measures 47″ H x 43″ W.

The next piece is entitled GENE POOL.  This started out as a lark, just playing around, and turned into something I quite like.  It is small, 19″ H x 22″ W.

ROOTS measures 37″ H x 24″ W.

SCIONS is next, a larger version of ROOTS, it measures 54″ H x 32″ W.  (Don’t judge the size of work by the size of the photo, Scions is actually almost twice as large as ROOTS!)

Next comes BLOODLINES.  This will be on exhibit at the Connecticut regional SAQA exhibit, PERSONAL IDENTITY, in January and February of 2011 in Windsor, CT.   This work is embroidered and painted;  31″ H x 26″ W.

Last and the largest of the works in the GENOME PROJECT series thus far, WHEN WE WERE ONE.  This is the seminal piece on which the series is based.   In addition to the African fabrics, this work is embellished by wool roving, silk cocoons and African trade beads.  This piece measures 58″ H x 50″ W.

Thanks for viewing!  This has made me feel very good to get this series of my work ‘exposed.’

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  1. Shelvy Miller says

    Deb, these are so are an inspiration. Shel

  2. Deborah Ross says

    Your Work is very inspiring. I especially like Gene Pool.


  3. Kate Themel says

    Debbie, these are gorgeous! We’re so lucky to have “Bloodlines” coming to CT. I can’t wait to see it in person. I love “Allele” too. Great work!

  4. Carol in sunny Wy says

    Great job, girlfriend. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with this process!

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