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I NEED HELP….resolved!

UPDATE!  THANK YOU to Judith Anderson of New Hampshire, when she sent me her suggetion for the series title, I knew it was the one!


I NEED YOUR HELP:  I have made two quilts in a new style and I have more ideas either in the back of my brain or roughly sketched in my journal, so this would constitute a NEW SERIES for me!  I usually work in series and I like to give my series names but I’ve been at a loss as to what to name this one.  SO-o-o-o-o, I thought it might be fruitful if I threw this dilemma out to my art quilt network for suggestions, ideas, feedback, etc….on WHAT TO NAME THIS SERIES….

So far, I have two finished pieces, shown here first is OH SAY CAN YOU CELL which is currently on display at the Visions: No Boundaries exhibit at Oceanside Museum of Art in Oceanside, California….the high point in my art life so far, I’m still pinching myself to be among such accomplished and noted artists as Joan Schulze, Jette Clover, Judith Plotner, Deidre Adams, Elizabeth Busch, and MANY OTHERS (see photos of the exhibit several postings back…)….but I digress –  here is

OH SAY CAN YOU CELL (70″ W x 30″ H)….

And here is the second in the series (again….), YOU’RE FRACKING KILLING ME   (45″ H x 18″ W), and if you don’t know what FRACKING is, please Google it and don’t believe all the big business propaganda, there is NO THING good about FRACKING (except maybe my quilt, haha….).

So, there you are….I NEED A NAME FOR THIS SERIES!   Your suggestions and ideas are welcome  I am looking forward to hearing from you!   DJB

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  1. Judith Anderson says

    Okay, Debbie. I often go by my, “first thought,” when looking at pieces. I would call them, “My hanging by a Thread Series!” Congratulations on your recent successes!
    Judy in NH

  2. Linda says

    Your two pieces seem to raise awareness of the negative effects of technology. How about “Technoxious”

  3. Sandy says

    No doubt, this is your DANGLY BITS series, can encompass anything on earth that leaves you dangling! BTW, love the FRACKING piece but shouldn’t it be ‘FRACKIN’ in our northeast dialect ? Good things are around the corner, keep on danglin’, Deb!

  4. Robbin Neff says

    I agree with Judity. Sometimes the first thought is the one to run with. My first thought was your Focus and Magnification of issues. I want to lean into, Focus!, because you are trying to make a point, about a subject and about art. It seems too simple though. Maybe not.

  5. Carol Kolf says

    I love Linda’s idea of Technoxious! Actually, they are all good.

  6. Alice Beasley says

    Nice work. I think “What Lies Beneath” (emphasis on the lies) might be good.

  7. Nancy G Cook says

    Hanging by a Thread is perfect.

  8. Mary McBride says

    I hope you enter this in my next call for fiber art! It’s wonderful!!!

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