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SAQA quilt donation time is now!

Can you believe it?  Feels like I just sent one off…actually I did but it was for the SAQA Trunk Show.  Well, with a myriad of other things that I SHOULD be doing, I had a brainstorm and couldn’t stop myself yesterday and today from bringing this year’s quilt to completion…and I gotta tell ya’, it oughta be illegal to have this much fun!

The title is obvious, TOKEN QUILT;  approximately eleven inches  wonky square.  Well, I just loved making this thing and I love how it turned out.   I’m hoping that someone will want to purchase it for their very own…but only time will tell!  Auction is September, I’m an early bird.  Here is a shot in detail…and yes, they are genuine pre-used and vintage tokens.

Posted in brilliant ideas, finished work...TA-DA!.

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  1. Carol Kolf says

    I absolutely love it! Your sense of humor is wonderful – in all of your quilts!

  2. Sharon Eley says

    Was impressed to see two of your fiber art pieces at the qsds and the Riffe Gallery. Enjoyed our week at CCAD! You inspired me. Plan to be there next year for two weeks.

  3. Betty Hahn says

    Don’t know if you will remember me..(green quilted canvas with thistle). We met at Q=A=Q and almost had dinner together. I love your recent pieces, especially the token piece. Great sense of humor and beautifully executed!

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