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FINALLY! my new WEBSITE! and ETSY, too!

I’ve done it!  Well, not alone and I’m not sure I should be so proud as this has been in the works for WAY too long (as in years!).  With the help of TALENTED, PATIENT and KIND good friend DEIRDRE ABBOTTS, my new website is UP!

Take a look and then leave your comments back here on my blog.  Or email me from there on the CONNECT page.  Possibilities are endless….

And, as if that isn’t enough new news from me, I’ve also just opened a SHOP on ETSY!  ArtZyQuiltZy  is the name of my shop.  I’ve made some really neat QUILTED earrings, some with beads, some not…yes, REALLY TINY REAL QUILTS for your ears!  I’ve also made some affordable, ready to hang COLLAGE works, too.

So, please take a look at my new presence on the web….TWO of them!



Posted in BREAKING NEWS!, see it at my ETSY shop, see it on my website.

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  1. Diane Wright says

    My, my, aren’t you the inspiration!

    HOPE to see you in Dec at the SAQA/CT meeting. Dec 8. The Sisters are hosting “Soup’s on for SAQA”…so it’s fiber AND food. Magic duo.

    Happy T’day!

  2. gail myrhorodsky says

    You did a wonderful job, Deborah (well, you and your friend). You have a nicely cohesive porfolio, and I really like your vision. Thanks for sharing.

    I have only one small suggestion, the font on the website is quite small and hard to read unless I zoom in on it (Firefox). Other than that, it’s easy to navigate.

  3. Kevan Lunney says

    Your website is a divine place to spend a tea break!
    I enjoy the textures and yummy layers so much, and your color sense is luscious.
    I had no idea you have such a great collection of work. the flags are very interesting!
    So glad its up and now the world can see. Great job. love it.

  4. Debbie says

    HI Gail, thanks so much for looking and your compliment. Text is hard with all the different sized devices this day and age, I shall forward your comment to web helper and see what she says. Also, the template dictates a lot of these parameters, so we may be stuck. THANKS!

  5. Debbie says

    Thanks, Kevan, wonderful comment for starting my day. All this work done within the last six years, too….I find it amazing myself. The flags were rejected from QN this year! And there is another on the back burner. I have THINGS TO SAY! Free speech is precious! Happy day! Debbie

  6. Kate Themel says

    Hi Debbie,
    Great job on the website! I love your Etsy name, too. Is there a link to the Etsy story somewhere on the website and on your blog? If not, you might want to add that. I’m sure people will be wondering how to get their hands on some Debbie Bein originals. Good luck! Hope to see you soon,

  7. Debbie says

    Hi Kate, thanks for looking! There is a link on my website to my blog (direct link in main menu). There is a link to ETSY and to my WEBSITE on the right side bar of my blog. I am still ‘tweaking’ my ETSY listings but stuff IS for sale and I welcome shoppers and questions! Debbie

  8. Lili Christensen says

    Saw your work today in a machine quilting magazine on display at my local quilt store, so Googled you, found your site…nice work, interesting work and woman…Just touching base to say hello, and thank you for your art

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