FINALLY! my new WEBSITE! and ETSY, too!

I’ve done it!  Well, not alone and I’m not sure I should be so proud as this has been in the works for WAY too long (as in years!).  With the help of TALENTED, PATIENT and KIND good friend DEIRDRE ABBOTTS, my new website is UP!

Take a look and then leave your comments back here on my blog.  Or email me from there on the CONNECT page.  Possibilities are endless….

And, as if that isn’t enough new news from me, I’ve also just opened a SHOP on ETSY!  ArtZyQuiltZy  is the name of my shop.  I’ve made some really neat QUILTED earrings, some with beads, some not…yes, REALLY TINY REAL QUILTS for your ears!  I’ve also made some affordable, ready to hang COLLAGE works, too.

So, please take a look at my new presence on the web….TWO of them!