I’ve been having a phenomenally dry DRY spell the last few months, creatively speaking.  My muse is just not inclined to work on the several large pieces that I’ve designed for some pretty important deadlines coming up (I’ll bet you can guess which ones….).  So to keep myself busy in the studio, I have been playing around.  The recent ‘thread’ on the SAQA chat list about iPad covers/carriers enticed me to make one for my iPad2.  

I had fun making it and I like the design and it is SNUG and hopefully protective of my iPad (which won’t fit in with the cover on the front/top, perhaps it will loosen up a bit to allow that eventually…).  I love the print fabric that I didn’t realize I had in my stash, and I’ve been working with solids lately, making Rosalie Dace’s ‘skinny lines’ (I find they are addictive and great ZEN therapy combined with another ZEN meditation, free-motion quilting).  The bag slings over the shoulder in either direction.  Thanks for looking!